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Having a serious problem with my new connection


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I am a newbie to the forum here so I would like to start by saying hello to you all! I aprreciate any help that can be given to me!!

Ok. here is I go!

First of all i am using Windows XP SP2. I use Firefox as my browser. I am hardline connected to the net so no router used.

I got my net connection upgraded to a 30MB DL and 5MB UL last Monday. I have speedtested at


Now here is my problem. When I used Utorrent I was getting 2.5-2.8 dl tops and the most I seen Uploaded was 500k. that was for a short while right after I got the connection( half hour or so). Now I only get 50k down and between 50-100k up. and most torrents on my list won connection to any peer and the ones that do connect, only connect to a few peers. Also, when I use the program I cannot browse any sites whatsoever without waiting an eternity for it to load up. I was using version Utorrent 8.0 and I did upgrade to the newest version and to no avail i still have the same problem. I have checked my firewall and it allows Utorrent. i am not sure if there is another way i can check that out or not.

Ohh and I have has the the installers back here at my place twice cause there were times i lost total connection to the net. That has n`t happened in four days though. I have never experienced any problems connecting to any torrents using Utorrent before my upgrade.

Thanks again

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I am using that version now. I am still having all the same problems. Getting nowhere near the speeds i should be getting, and now I have seen that most of the private trackers that i use has me being not Connectable . I hate to keep asking these NOOB questions but how do i get reconnected?? I almost want to get rid of my new ``higher speed``. Since they got onto my PC to hook this up, I have had many issues that i never had before. Would there be way that they messed around with my setting on my pc?

Thanks for any help!!

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