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I'm simply tired, my skill-set is stretched to its limits, the posters asking for help are often giving minimal information, compatibility and reliability in the computer industry seems to be on the decline (going by poor modems/routers, terrible wifi connections, NAS and external drives dying under regular loads, terrible software firewalls, and other driver disasters), and hostile ISPs have ever-changing plus bizarre throttling/disrupting methods.

I couldn't offer proper help for many of uTorrent's features because I never used them.

Just getting unfirewalled (the little green light) in uTorrent sometimes took a PAGE of troubleshooting posts.

uTorrent is going from a generic BT client to a "play-while-you-download" all-in-1 media suit, but many old bugs are not fixed and new bugs are added by all the "bolted on" features. (See Found Bugs forum for examples.) I've already GOT a good separate media player and web browser...what I needed and wanted was a good BitTorrent client. :(

I was a volunteer-with-a-funny-title "moderator" helping out others by posting at this forum.

I was not being paid and have been given very vague and limited instructions on how to be a moderator -- to remove spam posts, censor particularly offensive comments, and also try to help people with uTorrent-related problems. My specialty was speed issues and research on hostile ISPs.

In short, I was never technically an employee of BitTorrent the company.

Sometime around October, the Ask Toolbar was replaced with "Conduit engine" Toolbar...without a mention of in the changelogs in the new uTorrent version Announcement forum.

The first official direct mention to the new toolbar that I saw came over a month later as a response to complaints:



"While at first we were unable to reproduce any of the issues, eventually we did isolate a bug affecting a niche group of users during uninstall. In isolated cases for IE users, during uninstall a server either timed-out or failed to connect for some reason."

The uninstall failed because phoning-home WHILE uninstalling is required!

That was the last straw for me.

I quit.

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Though I fully understand you, I'm sorry to hear that. Your posts and testing were a valuable contribution to the forums/support as well as to the client development.

I hope you'll still find the time to post/contribute somehow.

As to the last point - the toolbar issue - all of us don't like it. I hope that my suggestion ( @ the toolbar thread) to disable (uncheck) it's install dialog as default will be accepted. :)

And to the point of calling home - as with any "good" spam emails - you "call home" to register yourself, and also call-home to un-register / remove. I am sure that (unlike spam email) the tollbar designer can do uninstall w/o calling home. Let's hope they did that by now.

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