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.torrent file format


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Im not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but i didn get any answers from any other

torrent forum that is technically into it.

Can any one tell me what encoding is used in .torrent file. I can see that

bencoding is used, but after that the piece information looks like this.


What format is it? Or is it encrypted? If pls tell me what encryption it is.

thnx in advance

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No. Each byte in the 20 byte SHA1 hash can be represented by 2 hexadecimal characters, so expanding the 20 byte hash would yield the 40 hex-character hash you're probably comparing with.

That, or you're not hashing the correct piece of data. To be sure, we're talking pieces here, not files.

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Is it possible?

How you extrapolated from that

Ok, so it's possible

is beyond me.

I don't think you understand what peer-to-peer means, or what hashes are, so I recommend that you start your research and reading there rather than in some source code.

BitTorrent isn't voodoo. It doesn't simply hide a plain old HTTP download underneath its layers of complexity; that'd be stupid. Again, you're looking for something that isn't there, and isn't possible at the protocol level.

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