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Setup Wizard keeps displaying if uTorrent is not on the C: drive


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I posted here as well: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=101848

I can put uTorrent anywhere on the C: drive which is where Windows is installed and I won't get repeated setup wizard screens but if I copy the same utorrent.exe to any other drive and execute it it will repeatedly run the setup wizard. I don't want uTorrent on C: though.

This matches the sentiments of what one other user said... remove that install crap from uTorrent executable. That is what NSIS and Inno Setup etc are for. Remove that install crap from the code and I can write you a script in NSIS (a free installer system) in 5 seconds and offer just a plain utorrent.exe for those that want it. I'll write the installer script for free.

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