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First Time Setup


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Just downloaded and installed Version 1.0.3 (23545) for Mac, but can't set it up. In the Connection Setup guide it says, "Open the Setup Guide from the preferences. Options -> Setup Guide, or press Ctrl G." but I have no 'Options' in preferences and I can't find anything like a set up guide anywhere. In 'Preferences' the only options are 'General', 'Downloads', 'Bandwidth', 'BitTorrent' and 'Network' - no setup guide, and anywhere I hit Ctrl (or 'cmd' on a Mac) I get an error sound 'clunk'.

I've tried asking Firefox to open torrents with uTorrent and it puts them there and into the downloads folder, shows them in the uTorrent window, and for one of the torrents only (I'm trying to download four.) in the bottom pane under 'Trackers' it shows 'Update In' (Counting down from thirty minutes.), 52 'Seeds', 2 'Peers' 417 'Downloaded'; yet the pane above shows 0% 'Downloaded' for everything. Is it just a question of waiting or is something not set up right?

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@McD There is no setup guide for Mac. However, the default settings should be fine for most users. It sounds like you've got torrents loaded and they are downloading. Maybe you need to wait for the torrent in question, or maybe there are not enough peers, it's hard to tell. If some torrents work and others don't then there's probably a problem with the torrent and not µTorrent.

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Gee, it sure would be nice if there'd been some big, red warning sign for dummies at http://user.utorrent.com/help/guides/connection-setup saying, 'This is for Windows users ONLY!', then I wouldn't have spent a good half hour trying to get it fit my Mac. You might want to pass that along to the Webmaster there as a suggestion.

No, BN (Thanks for the reply.), it's not that some are working and some are not; it's been on all night now and it's still 0% complete. Something is wrong. I've spent literally hours reading up on this, having had a go some years ago on Windows XP, and given up after reaching the conclusion: this is just TOOO complicated. It's no wonder it never really caught on. It needs someone who can make a program to make it easy for dummies.

By the way, while you're talking to the Webmaster, you might like to let him know that the link from http://user.utorrent.com/help/faq is dead:


The server refuse to browse the page.

The URL or other input may not be correct. Please confirm the value.

URL: http://btfaq.com/serve/cache/23.html

ERROR: CONNECT(btfaq.com:80)/connect: Connection refused"

I've tried downloading from one of the sites recommended at http://user.utorrent.com/get-started (VODO) - no good - same as the ones I want to download (http://mults.spb.ru/mults/?wp=1&wh=1) - nothing.

I've tried switching my Mac's firewall on and off - no dice.

Any other quick-fix ideas (I shouldn't think there are any.) about how I might go about making this thing work would be greatly appreciated. I'll come back to it later today, but I rather suspect the outcome will be the same as it was years ago when I gave up, uninstalled the damn thing and found other ways, mainly YouTube.

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