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Sad to see uTorrent go this route...


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"Offer" after "Offer" of crap when installing... cr'apps, bars, "upgrade", etc... Hard to be a (very) tiny client when you have 100 pieces of crap installed with it and filling the screen.

Is it really worth losing your reputation as a solid, simple app? Hard to be solid and simple with this crap loading down the systems of those too clueless to know they can not agree to this crap.

Sad to think that I'll have to find a replacement for uTorrent. Sad day indeed.

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I registered simply to agree with the OP. There are very few things in my computing life more aggravating than software that bundles all kinds of crap in the installer. I understand the need to pay the bills, but this only serves to make me go find a different program for downloading torrents. uTorrent is nice, but it's hardly unique and irreplaceable.

Hopefully the developers reverse course on this, and fast. Very disappointing to watch this.

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You still aren't forced to install any of it. Never have, and never will be.

this is untrue as the bundled software is accepted by default. change the policy to OPT IN if a user likes an offer they can accept it but they should not be FORCED to UNSELECTED it

Also @administrator

the bundled software isn't your normal Google toolbar some of it is KNOWN MALWARE.

for example Search Conduit is known for having an inordinate amount of viral search results and is a high infection risk. many Trojans and root kits set your browser to search conduit because they know that the results aren't filtered or screened

the other offer i saw was a video advertising screensaver again high security risk invasive programming.

Basically we don't mind that your advertising but we DO MIND YOUR SELECTION OF PARTNERS. most of that software is flagged as MALWARE on most


This should tell you something about their trustworthiness.

please stick with Google ask and yahoo they are annoying but they don't install viral software

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