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DHT: Waiting to login


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Just recently, I am having an issue where torrents will not download and on the status bar at the bottom I see "DHT: Waiting to login".

I have been using uTorrent successfully for more than a year with no changes to my firewall/router setup so I do not believe that to be the problem (nor antivirus, which has not changed) as is suggested in a lot of the posts on this DHT topic I see here.

What HAS changed just before I started having this issue is that I subscribed to BTGuard and changed my uTorrent setup to use proxy.btguard.com as a proxy.

What I find fixes the issue is to either close uTorrent and reopen or right click the message in the status bar, uncheck "Enable DHT", and then re-check it. However, then at some point after downloading what's in the queue it will change back to "DHT: Waiting to login".

I have looked at a guide posted by a frequent poster on this forum but did not find any of the suggestions to work - a couple of them mention firewall or antivirus settings, but neither of these have changed from before I started having the issue. I also tried renaming/deleting the dht.dat and dht.dat.old files (as well as the rss-dht.dat file since I am using RSS feeds) and while they did re-create themselves, this did not fix the problem. Can someone offer some guidance as to what may be the issue here?

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Maybe they have, but as your problem is DIRECTLY attributable to BTGuard and we have NO inside knowledge of BTGuard how exactly are we to offer ANY support beyond "Ask BTGuard"???????

It is not my fault that your expectations are too high!!!!!

Lame response. Many are having this issue, including me, and this is a forum to resolve issues, whether it be directly and indirectly related to utorrent. Why can't an indirect issue be discussed here? It seems a logical place to identify and resolve such problems.

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