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low speed, no peers, no trackers


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hi there, I've updated to 3.2.3 and I'm downloading with extremely low speed (<100 kb/s (it was 800 before the update)) and I have no peers in the peer window and no trackers in the tracker window.

I'm using a win7 machine, windows firewall disabled and AVG 2013 Free (utorrent is in the exception list in both the programs).

I've done the ctrl+G setup already...the situation got sligthly better (download speed circa 200kb/S).

Is there anything I'm missing?

thanks in advance for any help

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max upload rate: 34 kb/s

max down rate : 0 kb/s

only global rate limit options checked is

apply rate limit to uTP connections

global max number of connections :200

max num of connected peers per torrent:70

number of upload slots per torrent: 4

check on Use additional upload slots...

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done for the avg exceptions. you mean I have to try and download an openoffice version via torrent?

I'm not able to do it from the site, the magnet links don't work and the metaLink don't either..I've get it via torrentz.eu but there's no change in utorrent behavior

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the magnet links don't work and the metaLink don't either

Because you're looking at entirely the wrong section of the site.

The magnets are NOT torrent magnets, and uTorrent doesn't support metalink.

aaaaand you're right

that actually works on 700kb/s

thanks guys, I guess it was really the avg exception that mus be brand new

one last question, I'm gonna do the openoffice test when I go back home, but could it be the provider blocking the p2p?

when I started the thread I wasn't where I am now (parent's house, everything working fine), I'm afraid I will have the same problem when I come back home..In that caseI will write you back

In the meanwhile thanks a lot!

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