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simultanious Magnetlink import + update


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I just encountered this bug:

It results in invisable torrents. While searching i could not find topics describing this behaviour.

Use case:

- make sure an update is available and utorrent is closed

- click a magnetlink in webbrowser

- the magnetlink window will appear while opening utorrent

- take your time (select a directory, view details, whatever )

- the update window appears

- accept the update while the magnetlink window is still open.


After the update is complete the torrent download is not visable but is active.

When trying to re-import the magnetlink it shows the already available, load trachers dialog. accepting will not make the torrent available.




Windows 8 x64 Dutch (all updates installed)

magnetlink launched from IE10 (desktop)

utorrent build: 28705, prior version unknown

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