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Error: Write To Disk


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I have received this error message for the past two weeks when attempting to download various torrents.There are two types of errors I've received. One says "Accessed Denied" and the other says "Invalid Function" I have done numerous things in an attempt to fix this. I run Windows 7 and I have two internal hard drives. One is a solid state and is the drive I run windows from (that's about all I use it for) and my secondary drive is a normal drive and it has about 130 of the 300 gigs filled. So obviously space is not an issue. The usual drive I download my torrents to is my secondary 300 gig drive, but I have tried changing that directory to my primary solid state drive and I still get the same error. Other solutions I saw on the internet and I have tried are Defragging my secondary drive, uninstalling and turning off my antivirus software, re-installing Utorrent, downloading another torrent program (bit torrent) and trying different torrent downloads. None of which have worked. I'm open to any kinds of solutions you may have!

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