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I'm running 3.3 on Windows 7, normaly when I dl something the current progress constantly changes and I can watch the upload, download, percentage and estimated time to finish info in real time. Now for some reason this info is stopped, I have to click on the torrent line to get a 'snap shot' of the progress, how do I get it back to real time torrent status? Thanks.

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I experience the same "bug" in 3.3: the torrent list window does not refresh!

Same when adding a new torrent, it simply does not show up in the list, not even by clicking in the window and marking/demarking an existing torrent in the list....

The "Detailed Info"-screen and the Statusbar do refresh as usual every second...

What I did before that behaviour appeared was to view a app under the "new apps"-button which opened a html-page in the torrent list window which did not change anymore. a restart of utorrent brougt back the torrent list, but it does not refresh anymore...

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