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Change GUI Columns


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How can I permanently change the visible columns in the utserver GUI?

I can make them visible/hidden using the GUI itself, but after a restart all those configurations are lost.

Is there an way to change or define which labels should be visible? I'm trying to get "label" column always visible...

Thanks in advance.


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I guess that you are talking about the uTorrent for windows. There everything works great. No problem in adding or removing columns.

In utserver (uTorrent for linux), I don't see any Help. I can add/remove columns, but after the computer restart, they are reseted. I'm talking about this one: http://www.utorrent.com/intl/pt/downloads/linux

I was wondering if I can edit any python file in the webui.zip file, for example, that would permanently change the visible/hidden columns. Those settings should be defined in one of those files...

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