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Speed bursts higher than my broadband bandwith


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I'm noticing lately some wierd speed figures in my utorrent client. I've a 30 mbps plan from my isp so i'm supposed to download at a maximum speed of around 3.75 MB/s. I'm downloading at around 2.8-3 MB/s which is very good to torrent protocol at least. (i can get a little bit over maximum ~4 MB/s through http protocol but not beyond that). now i've been noticing some speed bursts which goes sometimes up to 24 MB/s every few seconds up to 1 minute or 2 and lasts up to one minute until it settles down to 3 MB/s, so that the speed graph is very bumpy and has a lot of ups and downs. that seems very wierd to me. if anyone has experienced something similar or can explain this, please reply.

thanks in advance

some more details that i'm not sure whether it's relevant or not:

i've installed a local network yesterday (router, cat 6 and 7 cables through the house and nas server)

I set the download directory to nas so the data is being processed in my laptop and then sent back through lan to nas.

I have no reference as i moved here just a few weeks ago and I used wireless connection which got me to 1.5 MB/s and nothing more and only yesterday i started using ethernet connection.

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Who is your internet provider?

i've never seen these speed bursts on torrent before and i suspect it may have something to do with the client or my computer pr maybe my local network, i.e i'm not sure i'm getting those speeds really, unfortunately i have no idea how to check this.
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