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No free space results in a big download numbers.


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I have uTorrent 3.3 build 29625.

I use RSS download, and sometimes my HDD gets full. When I got back to my computer, I noticed that download was still at 0% and I had over 2 GB of downloaded data. In the end I had 2.86 GB downloaded, from a 147 MB torrent. My upload was 333 MB, and ratio 0.113.

For the time the torrent was out of space, it continued downloading and not writing anything to disk. I also checked the tracker website and all looks normal there 147 download and 325 upload, so that part is OK. This might be just a visual bug.

Also the notifications seam not to stop while there is no free space. I had two torrent with this problem at the same time, notifications just popped one over another.


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I've experienced this as well, during the high points of the tv season when the RSS feeds are running hot. My experience has been that when the hard drive is full, one of three things happens:

* It continues to try and download the new file, over and over again, resulting in a erroneous "downloaded" amount

* it fails to download due to space and falls into the "Stopped" status, and can then be restarted when space is available (I believe this is the desired and intended behavior)

* or, and this is the most problematic, it fails and falls into a "Checked 0.0%" status, and will not restart, automatically or manually, until uTorrent is restarted. Additionally any further files that attempt to download after one has fallen into the locked up "Checked" status will also fall into the Checked status and be bugged until uTorrent is restarted.

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