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Dpc jumps terribly each 10 minutes under Windows 8 x64


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For the couple of months I've been experiencing periodical sound skipping, popping, etc when Utorrent is running (no matter whether it's loading/seeding something or not). I tried to research this and found out (with the help of LatencyMon and xperf dumps) that the problem is caused by dpc jumps from 0.3ms to 30-40 ms each 10 minutes, caused by tcpip.sys and ndis.sys and, more specifically, by tcpip.sys!IppTimeout function.

At first thought it's the bug of Windows 8, as under Win7 x64 on the same system all works flawlessly. I tried lots of things I could find across the net to fix it - including driver updating, using PCI-E network controller, clean installation of Windows, disabling devices and uninstalling software, "bcdedit /set disabledynamictick", changing BIOS settings and so on (you can see the whole list at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=6167), as well as trying to change utorrent's settings and using different versions of Utorrent. None of that helped.

I tried to use BitComet, and it don't cause dpc jumps at all, so it's clearly bug of Utorrent, which appears under Windows 8, maybe under certain software/hardware configurations.

I hope that it will be fixed or there is some workaround for that, because alternative clients are either buggy and slow (like BitComet) or are prohibited on many trackers.

Thanks for your help beforehand!

Here is xperf log https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsm8sfiq9m40w3z/DPC_Interrupt_no_JMicron%20JMB36X%20Controller.7z

And here are Hijackthis and Process Explorer logs



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I use Eset Smart Security 5 (tried 6 too). I tried to uninstall it and even did clean windows installation with no additional software installed - but the problem was still here.

But under Win7 with the same Eset Smart Security Utorrent works fine.

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Hi there,

I'm experiencing the same thing - audio stuttering and input lagging at a set interval - AKA DPC latency spiking.

Windows 8 Pro x64

Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4


nVidia GTX650

Intel EXPI9301CT Gigabit ethernet PCI-E

I've got Windows firewall disabled, Windows Defender (MSE) running automatically, and Windows 8 + Apps installed on a Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

Every few minutes (let's say 2-12min), I get DPC spikes of up to 77000us caused by TCPIP.sys. This ONLY happens when uTorrent is running, and doesn't seem to occur when it's not. Typically, my DPC latency ranges between 18-120us, with spikes of up to 500us (caused by nVidia's kernel mode driver), which causes no adverse behaviour.

I originally thought it was my onboard ethernet (RTL8111E), so I disabled that and spent $40 on a replacement Intel card which is supposed to be exceptionally compatible and excellent at handling both small WAN IP traffic (ie. torrents) as well as large file transfers (with jumbo frames). My average DPC latency times went down, but much to my dismay the spikes still occurred at roughly the same 'force' and duration.

I've set my current Intel gigabit adapter with ALL offloading options enabled, a static IP manually set, and jumbo frames settings to off as instructed by other forums posts and this hasn't helped either. The network consists of an Asus router running Tomato firmware (no QOS) bridged into a Draytek ADSL2+ modem which gets a 22mbit up/1mb down stable sync speed.

uTorrent version is: 3.3 (build 29126)

uTorrent bandwidth settings are:

Download Limit = unlimited, Upload Limit - 17Kb/sec, Global max connections = 236, Max peers per torrent = 145, Upload slots = 2.

uTorrent feature settings are:

Everything except uTP management and limit local bandwidth is ENABLED, protocol encryption is set to FORCED with legacy incoming connections NOT allowed.

I've been monitoring the latency with LatencyMon by Resplendence software. My troubleshooting process tells me this IS a uTorrent issue.

I'd like to know what was causing these spikes so I can stop the periodic instability they cause to my computer.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I spent a lot of time and efforts trying to solve this, and the only working thing I found is using Windows 7. Dunno if it's acceptable for you.

Maybe future Windows 8.1 update gonna fix it, but I tried the leaked beta - and dpc spikes are still here.

We shall live and we shall see...

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