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Utorrent is not showing any files at all. Torrents are working though.


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I was at 3.3 then went to 3.4 alpha. When I did that any new torrent I downloaded shows 0 files in the files tab in the bottom right window that has the files, info, peers, pieces. In fact the ONLY thing that does show is speed and logger all the rest have 0 data in them.

What's funny is though I see no files at all I do see the uploads and downloads occurring and I am seeing even after I do my complete download.

It never happened until just a few weeks back and to be honest I am not sure if it was before or after I went to the 3.4 alpha.

Just as a test I uninstalled all of utorrent an went back to 3.3 and I get the exact same issues.

The files download/upload and I see the total torrent at the top but I have a torrent that had over 500 files and I have 5 files that are 0kb the torrent shows completed and I can't try and download those 5 files.

I grabbed another torrent but this is 201 gb but again I can't see the individual files and just get the 5 I needed. I am not downloading magnets and am downloading direct torrents. I would provide screenshots but screenshots of a blank file list really doesn't show much does it?

I did try smaller torrents and even a 95 meg torrent with only 5 files has the exact same symptoms so it has nothing to do with torrent size,

Is there anything the uninstaller does not remove that I may need to manually take out in order for me to "start "fresh"? And get the files showing. :mad:

What's been done -

Upgraded 3.3 to 3.4 alpha

Turned off machine and turned it back on - noticed above issues (not sure if it was there at prior 3.3 at any time before upgrade I don't think it was though)

Removed 3.4 Utorrent

Turned off machine and restarted.

Installed 3.3

Issue persists.

I really would hate having to move to another torrent tool because I have been using utorrent for years now.

Running on a Windows 8 Pro

Any help would be appreciated.

Files - nothing showing

Info - only hardcoded items showing no hash information or other items listed.

Peers - Blank

Trackers - Blank

Pieces - Blank

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