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Downloading a single file from multiple files in a torrent


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Hey , I want to download a single file from a list of multiple files existing in the same torrent. well like in a movie torrent there are multiple files , and first I want to download the sample file to check the video quality. I can easily do it when I double click the torrent file a window pops up and I can select only the sample file and uncheck all other files, Now when the sample file is finished downloading, if I like the sample I wanna download the main movie file, but I can't. when I again double click the torrent file a message pops up and says ' the torrent you are trying to download is already on the list. Do you want to load the trackers from it? yes or no? '

clicking yes or no neither gives me any option to select the files again and download the remaining files of the same torrent . how can I do that ? Please help me. Hope you understood what I was trying to say. Thanks in advance.

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