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Cache not getting dumped consistently


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Hey guys, I'm new here so hopefully I'm doing things right.

Windows 7.

uTorrent 2.0.4/2.2.2 (tried both, both have problems)


So basically this is my problem:

Every time I start a download, all the data downloaded stays in the cache, it doesn't flush to disk and so the ram reserved for uTorrent fills up rather quickly. Sometimes after awhile of diskoverload, it will start flushing and I get my max speed with very little ram used, but other times it doesn't get flushed at all and I stay on diskoverload for hours because the cache isn't emptying itself.

There is definitely inconsistency, because at certain times finished pieces continually get flushed like they're supposed to, and at other times nothing gets flushed, not even when disk is overloaded. (It will stay at ~3 kb/s, until a few minutes/hours later when I get lucky and the cache decides to flush itself)

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