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Labels and directory rules


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I'm using uTorrent 3.4 Alpha (build 30143)

I'm trying to use the Label feature in order to organize my downloads.

I have created a few labels and under Preferences->Label, I check the box that say "Use Label and Directory rules", I also mapped a few folders that match my labels.



When I start a new download I add a label to the torrent, but unfortunately that rules doesn't work for me. After the download finished the files stay in the default directory.

Anyone knows what is the problem?


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I have the same problem.

It used to work in v2 but ever since upgrading to v3 with the new directory stuff it's not worked.

I used to add a permanent label and the download would go in there as a separate folder.

Is it possible to go back to using the old method until it's sorted out??

At the moment, it's a freakin nuisance having everything lumped all in one folder :(.

And another thing I've noticed since the upgrades -

Checking and downloading the metadata seems to take 10x longer than it used to.

Also, if a torrent is made up of several files, I used to be able to pick out completed files as they finished. In the new versions, none of them are available until the whole torrent is complete :(

uT seems to be going backwards, not forwards.

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