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New install of UT freezing


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I removed uTorrent from my PC recently as i was going to run it on from my server. Anyway i decided i would rather keep it run it on my PC. I have been trying reinstall on my PC for the last 2 hours, and i can not get it working!

I first tried to install (my favourite version) 2.2, that would not work, tried going to 1.8 and i have also tried installing the latest version 3.3.2. Every time I install it seems like it is working fine, but as soon as i try to exit the program it freezes, leaving me no choice but end the process in the task manager.

I have uninstalled, removed AppData, removed every trace of utorrent form the computer numerous times yet still can not get a clean install working! I have even removed security software etc

Help would be very much appreciated. ;)

thanks in advance

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