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Unsolicited downloads


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I am using Utorrent 3.3

Yesterday I installed Google Chrome (don't know if there's a connection) and this morning Utorrent had downloaded more than 20Gb of files I had not only not initiated but had never requested..........!!!!

My Utorrent Settings instruct even the RSS files I search for 'not to automatically download'

How could this happen?

This has now exceded my download limit and will cost me money.

I hope someone responsible for the Utorrent program is reading this and will resolve it asap.

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I am using Utorrent 3.3 (build 29625), when I attempt to update I am told I'm on the latest version, so..............

.............don't understand comment ' not being on the current supported version, I doubt you'll get help'

As for extra info.........

There are no settings that allow Utorrent to download files when a torrent has been submitted....

I had no torrents downloading at the time so it couldn't have 'piggy-backed' on another torrent

What other info can I provide?

Never had this problem before, didn't think it was possible...

Now can't trust it


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I think I've resolved this problem.............

UTorrent has a setting to 'not automatically download' but, this can be over-ridden by an RSS download if you don't also set 'not to automatically download' in RSS Downloader.

I recently set up some new RSS downloads..............

When I looked again at these settings the filter had been blanked and the 'don't automatically download' switch had been cleared.

I assume this could then automatically download anything.......

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