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Setup guide: Network/port check failed?


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I have just upgraded to 3.3.2 Build 30260 (from 3.2.2 I think) and for some odd reason, whenever I run the network test it will always fail and tells me that "neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled".

However, despite having such error I'm still able to torrent and my status bar stays green no matter what happens. On normal occasions, if the test fails (i.e. port not forwarded) the status bar will turn yellow/exclamation mark saying that I have no connection through UTorrent. But here, the bar stays green/tick and I'm able to torrent without any problems.

For the previous versions, I've never had this issue before as I always pass the test and I haven't made any major changes on UTorrent during these past couple of months.


- I'm currently using a static IP and thus have a port (49222) that is forwarded via router

> I've added both TCP and UDP protocol

> But, when I used port checked to check if "49222" is opened only the UDP is opened and TCP wasn't opened

- UTorrent has been added as exception on Windows firewall (it always has been)

- No NAT-PMP or UPnP has been enabled on Utorrent

> When I enable UPnP on torrent and do the test again, I pass the test

The screenshot below might clarify what I'm trying to say here :


Is there a way to fix this? Or am I over-exaggerating here?

Thanks, help would be appreciated it.

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Green checkmark in the status bar == that error doesn't matter.

Okay something is not right.... I've just removed the port (49222) and the green checkmark is still there. It won't turn into yellow exclamation mark and torrents work fine.

Note that I haven't enabled NAT or UPnP on utorrent. The Windows firewall exceptions are still there and... that's it. I don't see anything strange.

This is very weird....

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How many machines are connected to your network router?

Currently only one (my PC via ethernet). Sometimes I have two laptops connected: one via wireless and the one via Ethernet. Both of these are disconnected atm.

I also have smartphones connected via wi-fi but I presume it doesn't matter.

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Maybe should have expanded the question,...

How many are running Utorrent?

BUT having only one machine connected at any one time will not necessarily require a port forwarded, because, provided the router is not set to block all except routed ports. there is only ONE possible network node that NAT routed traffic can be sent to.

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Thank you, I've just checked my ports (49222) with http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and http://www.canyouseeme.org/... and it says the port was opened. Using port checker (http://portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm) also proves that it was opened (both TCP and UDP).

I guess it's a bug after all... Is there a place where I can report this bug?

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Already done



Fortunately the bug hasn't migrated it's way into the source for 3.4

Correct me if I'm wrong but the bug you've reported is opposite of what I'm experiencing at the moment. I don't get the red/yellow indicator at all as mine stays green no matter what (port opened/not opened and NAT/UPnP enabled and not enabled).

Also, my torrent still works even when I don't port forward.

Is this the same bug as the one you reported?

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