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The worst ever upgrade support


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I seems the only guy who cares about all my files sorted out, all labels assigned, all my library of files categorized, and with every upgrade I loose everything. What I can say: I would never ever upgrade uTorrent, because their upgrades never upgrade my data. I use portable version and never install in Program Files, it ignores all my previous installations. How you devs even announce about upgrades, when they simply screws everything up ? After the upgrade all my files are lost, all library lost, all my work done before is lost !!!!

I don't believe that the new version never sees my previous files. Not telling about files already downloaded and still showing 98% after veryfying, so everytime need to redownload those stupid 2% for each file.

I even tried to restore files from Previous Versions, fail... nothing appears again. Why you guys never think about exporting and importing Library files ? I coded Shareaza before, and we never did that during upgrades. You stole some stuff from Shareaza functionality, I swear, I know what I tell. But this is just nonsense, about ads in not my native language, about files lost, and no carring about migrating data.

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