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[HELP HELP HELP] i lost all my torrents(UT 3.4)


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i update UT to 3.4 stable yesterday.

usually ut run in portable mode on my computer.(a usb device or just a command line "/portable")

but i open ut all my torrents get lost.

so i add them one by one ,it takes me several hours to relocate the files and check the data.

but when i close the ut and start it again. my torrents all gone the second time.

so i realized that it's the ut's problem not mine.

please help me how to deal with this problem. i don't want to spend too many hours to check the files.


p.s. i'm not a native English speaker.Forgive me.

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Just make sure your settings.dat is located with your exe. The new update system now installs exe + all the settings to your %appdata%\utorrent

i'm sure they are in the same location.and i've tried several times. i found that UT 3.4 stable can't work well in "Portable Mode".it will clear "resume.dat" instead of loading it.

if you're familiar with UT you can try "Portable Mode"(just run UT with "/portable" command line).and download a small torrent.

then exit UT.Later restart it in portable mode.you will not find your torrent file you've download before.And you will find the "resume.dat" is a new one.

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Except you don't use /portable.


Thank you two!

But I do find some problem about UT 3.4.The one is when run UT from a usb drive,it will clear resume.dat every time when it srart.And when i cheched "Automatically load .torrents form..." and"Don't start the download automatically","show options to change the name and the location...",it will add a torrent directly ,but UT 3.3.2 will show a window which i can change the download file name and location in.

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