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Terminate uTorrent with TASKKILL (Windows)


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I use uTorrent on Windows 7 64-bit SP1 and I'm trying to cleanly (not forcably) terminate the uTorrent process.


When I execute TASKKILL /F uTorrent.exe, if the uTorrent window is open it minimizes to the notification tray.


I looked for a command line switch, but it seems uTorrent has no switch, like "uTorrent.exe /quit".


Disabled the "Are you sure you want to exit?" so it closes without prompting.


How can I cleanly terminate uTorrent.


Please advise.

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Uncheck: Preferences > UI Settings > Close button closes uT to tray.
/F = force.

C:\Windows\System32>taskkill /f /im utorrent.exeSUCCESS: The process "utorrent.exe" with PID 16888 has been terminated.C:\Windows\System32>taskkill /im utorrent.exeSUCCESS: Sent termination signal to the process "utorrent.exe" with PID 18896.
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Didn't have trouble closing down utorrent just using the "x" to close. If you close and try to open utorrent again there will be conflict as it is trying to close down even though you thought you closed the app. If it doesn't close I just use the good old Cntrl-Alt-Break and look at the service tab and click on utorrent and click end process. Don't have to go through all those extras to make those programs to do something known in the Windows command structure.

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