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Utorrent memory issues


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Hey guys been using uttorrent for over 10 years no problems until now the problem is its going through a checking file thats about 20gb, somewhere down the line even it completes and starts downloading again I would get a windows message saying Utorrent ran out of memory unable to allocate 19328 bytes please close some applications and press ok


This is odd my machine is

Dell xps L502x laptop

i7 2.0ghz

8gb Ram

windows 7 64bit

1TB hdd with 174gb free

Windows manages system memory


Utorrent 2.2.1 witih default settings I doubt its the version cause its been working fine for over 10 years.


I ran malwarebytes, superantispyware, and spybot 1.6 all updated all scanned machine


What could be causing this?

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okay going to try utorrent 3.4.2 so far no crashing or dissapearing wonder why I got that on an older version what did you guys do lol ¬.¬ hmm anyway Is there a way to change the colours of utorrents I'm using? to make it more like 2.2.1 ? I don't like the colours of completed area downloading colours queued or seeding ones, under the status tab.

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For changing the colors, make a skin.

Sounds cool do you know of any guides?


ah man another issue came up usual anime site I visit says use of this client is not supported http://bakabt.me/whitelist.php


Never mind bro thanks anyway I have to go back to old version and fix it myself. Don't know why Utorrent changed so much so that many sites blacklist it. Sad day wish the old versions 2.2.1 was the latest its just awesome why mess with perfection? If that version was still main version it would be better for the company, hell I would pay for 2.2.1 version if it was updated to latest bug fixes, without the bloat and change Gui stuff in it.


Seeya around.

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