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I have discovered that i cannot adjust the size of the sidebar in build 32343. It takes up far too much room on the left-hand side of the window.

I like to have it there as it enables me to quickly move from completed downloads to current downloads etc, however it has now shifted lots of my detail info off the right-hand side of the window.


--see attached screenclip--


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I have had the same problem for some time, but cannot find anything useful on the internet that might help. If you approach the sidebar from the right-hand side, you will see the tiny arrows for resizing a window appear, but they do not work. I hope someone has an answer. It is really annoying.

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-- 2014-08-04: Version 3.4.2 Beta (build 32814)
- Replaces beta 32718
- Includes latest stable 32691
- LREC resizes even when users don't get ads
- Slider minimum width handled properly when Plus upsell is not shown
- Fix the Plus in-client offer Javascript
- Fix display issue with advertising information graphic above torrent list

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