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Odd behaviour.


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Suddenly, when I have µTorrent started, all the applications/games takes _REALLY_ (like 10 min) to start. Not only that, I cannot surf the web either.

CPU-load at 0-2%.

Works perfectly without µTorrent running.

Only build 460 cause this, previous builds don't cause these issues.

No new hardware/software was installed, so that isn't the problem.

When I turn my computer off, XPCom...something is freezed. That doesn't happen if µTorrent isn't running.

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Do you have DHT, Protocol Encryption, and/or UPnP enabled?

Have you set a download and/or upload speed limit that µTorrent is actually reaching?

What software firewall do you have?

What antivirus software?

What antispyware/antiadaware software?

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