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So uT is now malware...?


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What the hell?

I DL the latest from here and try to install and installer suddenly:

1. Trips my HIPS heuristics for new threats.

2. Invokes some "Ask partner network" executable without my permission? Like hell I would...

3. Application wants to modify Explorer.exe's memory, start up entries, etc. As if.


Explain to me how that is NOT malware behaviour!

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1. I am aware. But after 2/3 you kinda see why there'd be a good reason for it. And really uT shouldn't be doing anything that might do that.

2. So ToS/EULA, since that's not checkbox I ever clicked.

3. How conveniently you ignore the more egregious example.


I guess thanks for pushing me to finally go and learn Python.

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