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  1. How can anyone comment w/o even telling (or better yet showing) your current speed, and # of available and actively connected peers? Open-port "net status" situation (green/yellow status icon). And just maybe no one wants to download your torrents ...
  2. Money/BTT transactions should have *perfect* (and secure) protocol. If it is not so, and causes confusion and nondeterministic results - better not offer to use it at all, and avoid questions...
  3. Which version/build#? If you want to try and eliminate a corrupted settings file - you can backup yours, and try use mine (see @ my sig)
  4. It is what it is. Ports need to be open. He has to deal with it or live with it. Oh, and should make sure upnp is enabled if a router is not accessible. It might work or not...
  5. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Yes, typo, sorry... Nope... I am not hosting it...
  6. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    3.5.5 build 46006 LAA (stable) version is available (links also @ my sig)
  7. Make sure your port in open (forwarded) correctly in your router at work (green network status icon at the bottom right)
  8. rafi

    heavy seeding

    17Mb/s is not too bad IMHO... You can try with using my settings (see @ my sig), and change to unlimited (0) UL limit (like yours) and 25 upload slots/torrent (and make sure to re-configure your port # if needed). What do you mean by "large memory load"? Anyway, you can try with my exe with the LAA flag set (see @ my sig too).
  9. Just to note, you should take care to open / forward your port. You are blocking yourself from incoming connections.
  10. So, from 50MB/s to ~70 in another improvement... My settings are aimed more for weaker routers (avoid overloading them), so it has lower rate of connections/sec. With small files and fast speeds, there just might not be enough time to ramp up speed. You can probably go back with advanced->net.connect_speed to default (10->25 connections/sec). You can see in the speed "Graph" if it ramps up faster. P2P is not only about downloading, but also about good seeding. qBT might have better default for your downloads (maybe less for others), but might be lacking in upload rate...
  11. Good, you are up from 30 to 50MB/s, with ~60 connections / torrent. Now replace with my settings.
  12. Not for here, no. If you want to share info, you need to setup more columns/info, like you have in qBT. Try to understand that the settings - are to setup your GUI as well. exit utorrent, search for your settings.dat file , make a backup copy, rename mine to settings.dat and replace it.
  13. >please check everything i sent here ok? No, it is not possible to check. It is still not using my settings, and not using the 2x ubuntu, so we cannot see how many connections you have. If you do not know how to replace your settings - just ask ...
  14. So, 10->30 is not nothing... Unless you will not provide more info, and kep showing this default main screen , and not with all the info/columns we can see in qBT screen, there is nothing more to be added... If you were using my settings - all of these extra columns/info would have been already on your screenshots. Good luck with qBT!
  15. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    Whats wrong with 2136872?... Compare the binary/hex, and you'll find it the same, except some junk padding ...
  16. Maybe, this is why I suggested for you to use my settings ... You were connecting to only 35 seeds with that older slackware torrent. Try with those two ubuntu torrent-links, which have more seeds.
  17. No problem. Still strange, since torrent creation/hashing should take very little memory.
  18. Better use the LAA-stable, it's a bit newer.. Also, if this is not a private torrent, can you share/PM this torrent for me to test this with?
  19. Can you give my LAA flagged version a try with this torrent creation? It should provide more memory in theory...
  20. Details-Tabs->files->Right-click the file -> priority->Normal It's still kind of a bug to download all of it to the the .dat partfile... And ... 8,507 posts vs 3 posts - surely means something...
  21. Have you tried to just wait for it to resume on it's own ?... Probably busy pre-allocating your file(s)...
  22. In the years that I have been using uTorrent, this is the first time I've seen someone marking *all* files as SKIP, moreover, still expecting to actually download them XD