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  1. I only get one H flag, and no X flags. in build 413 I had lots of both.
  2. I have no idea how you managed to do that... :/ do you have any legal torrent that you can post here that gives you these flags?
  3. Using the new beta, do you manage to 1. get roughly the same amount of H flags as before? 2. get ANY X flags
  4. Something changed from b413 to b417 concerning DHT and Pex. I can hardly get any H flags (even though my DHT count is normal), and I can't get any X flag at all.
  5. but I never managed to see the "e" before, just an E.
  6. smbonds: with µtorrent you can get double your money back
  7. Yup, the DHT update did the trick. back to 211 peers.
  8. The avg. details only apeared after I added a new torrent to download. It wasn't there when I only had all my old seeding torrents. It's ok now, though. thanks... Edit: my DHT is extremly low now for some reason. (16)
  9. Firon: I do have beta 412, but I can't find it. Might it be because all my torrents are only seeding?
  10. I looked for that and couldn't find it. where can I find the "average speed over time" data? It's not on my General tab...
  11. deeppal: PE=Protocol Encription. It's meant to prevent ISPs from detecting bittorrent traffic. µtorrent's PE will be compatible with Azureus PE.
  12. I assume that it would only lengthen the time to completion, in cases where you max out your connection. Otherwise, your connection should be able to handle the extra data.
  13. is it possible to add a new flag for peers obtained through pex, like there is for DHT?
  14. Thank you very much for these much enticipated features! It's amazing to see how fast µtorrent is evolving. Hats off to you, Ludde.
  15. 1.4.1b406: seeding problems are back... =( I am the only seeder of a torrent (the uploader) and most of the time, I'm not uploading at all. can't wait for the PHE...
  16. I use perfect disk as well. It's excellent, and really noticeable on the overall disk performance.
  17. in addition, it would be useful to be able to only download a torrent with a size under/over xx MB.
  18. has anything changed in build 395 with regards to throrrle handling? Ever since I switched from v1.3 stable to beta b395 I no longer have seeding difficulties I still use "randomize port each time...", and I noticed that upon start up of µtorrent I always get "network ok" independent of the chosen port, but some ports give a green status if checked using the "test if port is forwarded correctly" in the "speed guide", while a few ports (2 so far) gave inconsistent status and required a restart of µtorrent to correct the problem. I have ZA pro, cable modem, and no firewall. µtorrent has full permissions in ZA. Edit: the 2 problematic port situation happened on the first day that I switched to b395 and hasn't happend since.
  19. @chaos: thanks... it might be a good time to change. I definitely am seeding much slower than anyone else on any swarm, and I never can max my upload (80% of it, that is), not even when I'm the only seeder on a torrent. Many times I'm the only seeder and I am not uploading at all. It's very frustrating...
  20. yes I did set it to true. without it seeding was nearly impossible. Now it's just extremely hard...
  21. I believe that my ISP (Barak, Israel) throttles bittorent traffic. I am having a real trouble seeding. Frequent changing of ports usually helps. How is it possible to make sure that that is the case? That is, how do I differentiate ordinary BT fluctuations from ISP interference?
  22. once again, I find myself liking one of boo's suggestions. When openning a new thread for voting for the best logo, please add the link to this thread.
  23. Great work BSH, the green one really stands out.
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