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  1. Uh, you don't deserve a thank you. you didn't do anything helpful.

    we know it works fine with the actual upx stub that runs at runtime. we've been doing it for 2 months now or so.

    whether or not it decompresses with the upx tool is unimportant.

    The EXE is signed after the extra sections are added + compressed, and the signature is only valid if the file hasn't been tampered with.

  2. It's still just normal upx (with --brute --lzma). but maybe the decompressor freaks out on the additional resources at the end.

    Anti-virus apps already know how to unpack the executable, so you aren't really getting anything by doing that, and upx has no known bugs or instability problems.

  3. Hello!

    I've just installed the current stable version (3.0 build 27079) of uTorrent Server on a Debian Lenny machine. It works great, but in the interface I have very limited options. For example I don't have the possibility to remove a torrent. Right-click on item displays the default browser menu.

    Is that intended?


    you need to configure your browser to allow context menus to be replaced by javascript.

  4. Are people still seeing the issue with partfile writing forever at the end of the torrent (or flushing to disk endlessly)?

    If so, can anyone here reproduce that consistently? If you can, we need repro steps. The torrent itself is helpful, but we need to know: piece size, # of pieces, the size of the files you skipped, the size of the files near it that aren't skipped, how much disk space is left

  5. New 3.2 up with a slew of fixes.

    Also, here's a test build of 3.2


    This is similar to today's 3.2, but has the random access file flag disabled and turns on Windows buffering.

    In theory, this should improve disk performance and also have windows not go out of control in memory usage. The random access flag causes Windows to hold cached memory for that file for almost forever. By not using it, it will throw pages away instead of evicting everything else out of memory.

    Please try it and download large files in particular. Keep watch on the overall system memory usage in Task Manager while using it.

  6. Installed this beta as the "stable" release stops responding every 10 minutes, all was well until i added some more magnet links to it. it now sits there chewing up 30-40% of my CPU peaking to 100% every few seconds making the pc unusable (at least not without lots of shouting and mice hitting walls!).

    Nothing to do with my PC as it runs fine without utorrent open and my specs are above and beyond what they should be to run this application - core 2 duo e8400 3ghz, 4gb of ram, ATI 4870, windows 7 64bit.

    I'm sure this will get fixed as I've never been let down by utorrent until now! Any logs I can post etc to help just let me know.

    Clear all your settings.

  7. @Firon: I'm only saying so incase it was missed.

    And I'm actually using the Stable build as 3.2's method of downloading/seeding is a bit different, and 3.3 is a bit better but still has issues.

    So it isn't like i'm using 3.3. primarily, I check in between updates to see if things have been fixed/ working the way I'm used to before making it primary use like I've done in the past (Use Alpha builds as primary, but I think from 3.2 onward things started changing a lot in regard to downloading/re-seeding)

    3.2 isn't really much different from 3.1 or earlier versions... it just fixes bugs and makes the GUI perform a bit better.

    3.3 is really the first one to have large changes to the way things work internally.

  8. I have discovered another requirement for this bug to happen, you must have a socks4/5 proxy enabled, specific settings don't seem to matter. I used Tor. A fresh install of uTorrent 3.1 or 3.2 on a clean XP install can easily repro the issue.

    This is a serious issue as it prevents torrents like the one I posted from working AT ALL. Evidence of memory corruption too as you can see the tracker url getting corrupted in the tracker tab (though only in Windows 7, on XP you get an instant crash when viewing the tracker tab for the torrent).

    Thanks for the report. We'll take a look into that.

  9. Despite these updates, still no fix on "Forced Downloading/Seeding" issue? WHere if any torrents are set to "Forced" upon restart, they are set to "Finished".

    Well, don't force them. It's a minor issue. It'll get fixed later.

    Stop using the alpha if it bugs you.

  10. i find it funny how its called stable, and its nothing but unstable...

    just updated to the newest 3.1.3 build and it keeps freezing every other minute... and forgetting what i just did before the freeze...

    I'd just try 3.2 if I were you. It's been rock solid for me.

  11. For those of you who skipped files but uT gets stuck at flushing to disk, I need some information:

    1) the torrent that you experienced the problem on

    2) exactly what files you skipped

    3) your settings.dat

    4) whether this is a local disk, an external disk, fileshare, etc

    Please email this to me, firon at utorrent dot com. Or post it here in the forums.

  12. Having a lower build number than the concurrent 3.2 beta does not mean that the 3.3 alpha is behind in development terms.

    build number reflects the date of release' date=' nothing as modernity, relating to 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 for instance ![/quote']

    Build number increases monotonically across ALL branches of development so... it means nothing in terms of where it lies in relation to other versions.

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