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Cant Reply To Threads Since Forum Update(?)


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Since the forum update, it appears some threads cannot be replied too e.g.:




Anyone else seeing this?

(I am able to Start new topics though).

Edit - after submitting this topic, I noticed I would be able to reply to this thread.


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Here's a screen shot of the uTorrent beta thread - note there's no reply box and there's no quote option on the post entry either.


It's showing same on my tablet aswell:


Although not showing, I am logged into the forum on both screen shots.

Maybe it's a "permissions thing" for ordinary (i.e. not Admins/Mods)  users - can post on some forums and not others?



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Hmmm... still no reply box on the beta or stable threads in the Announcements forum.

Forgetting the Locked or Archive threads (which most are), it looks like ordinary users are not permitted to reply to ANY remaining open thread in the Announcements forum. The Start new topic is active and working though.


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4 hours ago, mike20021969 said:

Many thanks.

The reply box is now showing on both Beta and Stable threads :)

Too late, all the threads' participants are gone,not following it any more... .... ... ... :P Next time (/forum) please  plan ahead your forum's settings appropriately... ;)


Oh, and we want our signatures back too!!!

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