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Norton blocks uTorrent.exe. please help


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I use utorrent all the time. Since yesterday Norton announces "Non-malware detected" (I read English too slow so I couldn't read what it says. something "opencandy") and won't open it.
After a while utorrent.exe just disappears.
I did System restore a few times to 11.2 and every time utorrent.exe reappeared and Norton allowed it to open. But after a few hours it happens again.
Is there anything I can do ?
I can't change the antivirus (It's not my pc).

Many thanks in advance.




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I have same problem as Alexdnn, with utorrent and norton. it seems like if it happend after the last update 3.4.5. norton shuts down all the trackers for each .torrent file, saying something like "this tracker is trying to do an unregistered / illegal action" (i dont use my utorrent client in english). when I check the norton log I also got something about opencandy

I uinstalled opencandy and utorrent. and wanted to instal fresh from utorrent.com, but then norton says utorrent.exe is not a safe file, and delete it. when i then go in norton log and opens the utorrent.exe again. i got i different message but basicly the same story + i norton commanded me to shut my pc down for restart.

The norton log had some information that made me question if the utorrent.com site have been hacked or something. 

on my laptop I use utorrent 3.4.3 with norton without problems.


I would appreciate a answer or some sort of insight to this matter, rather then some rant about norton like the one above my comment :)

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how does your comment help me fix this issue?

from an administrator I would expect a better reply!


what is the story with the *opencandy* application?

why would utorrent instal a software on my computer with that very suspiciously "hacker" name  ??


what is different in the 3.4.5 from the 3.4.3, that makes norton suddenly after all these years go crazy about safety?

Is the utorrent developer team working on a fix?


I want answer to these kind of questions. Not som rant about how bullshit norton is.!!


I have used utorrent for so many years now that I can't imagine a pc without. And I have use utorrent with norton 360* since utorrent 2.2.X with NO issues like this.


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