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WEB UI not working properly

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Hello together,

the webUI interface is not workig with port forwarding in uTorrent version 3.5.3. 

It seems like a LAN IP check/filter in the http request witch would be bad because a WAN request will never contain the LAN ip as host in the http request.

My Test (I used Chrome on the same Computer where uTorrent was installed): <- working with LAN IP

http://my-pc:8080/gui <- NOT working (my-pc is the computer name and pointing to the LAN IP) 

http://my.ddns:8080/gui <- NOT working (ddns)

http://79.119.....:8080/gui <- NOT working (WAN IP)

This behavior is only in Version 3.5.3. I tested of course with older versions of uTorrent and i had no problem accesing the Web UI.
Can you please solve the problem? 

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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4 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

Have you tried setting uTorrent's webui port to something above 10,000?

Of course i tried a lot of ports below and above 10.000 It is the same story on all the ports what i tried. Older uTorrent versions are working fine the new one is not.

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