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Since no one uses the "Chat" forum for just general shit, I'll put this here.

I'm looking for a BT site that enforces ratio, has a large to wide selection of stuff (all kinds of tv shows, movies, etc), with a large userbase.

Demonoid is down half the time and when it's up they don't appear to enforce ratio

Filelist seems like a good place to start, but they are always "full" and I can never manage to catch when registrations are open there.

I know I'm not the only person tired of public trackers. I've got a torrent going now, for a simple 350 megabyte file. It has over, 10,000 seeds, and over 45,000 peers (that uTorrent can see). I am connected to 100+ seeds, and over 500+ peers, and maxed out I cannot achieve better than 30kb download speeds. Yes, I've got my upload in the perfect spot, high enough to give me the best download speed but low enough not to choke my download at the same time.

An enforced ratio site will weed out every single leecher. So please if you know of any, share ;)

Oh and just so it's on topic, uTorrent is pretty cool. I've just about all switched over from Bittornado to it.

Links removed and sent to Chat. You can mention sites without the domain ending, thats why google was made. ~Sanchez

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the chat section was added today, no-one uses it becasue it didnt used to exist,

also uT does not promote illegeal activities, so people arent/shouldnt be giving out info of that type

also google is the best bet, "Private Trackers" or something like that would proberlly give you the results you want

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There's a search function in the newest µTorrent too, so don't really need to know of any sites.

Yes and No. The search funtion in the latest release searches public trackers. Aka trackers/sites that do not enforce a ratio.

An enforced ratio site, means people do not leech. They must upload as much as they download, as a minimum otherwise their access to the private torrents, is deleted.

When you can easily nail 200+ kbs/down on a private tracker compared to the same torrent on a public tracker that lands 20 kbs/down, its not hard to figure out which is best.

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