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There's one thing I miss in utorrent, which should be fairly easy to implement and useful, I believe: the ability to move the file being downloaded or seeded. Just right-clicking on a file should give "Move" option (possibly near "Remove" and "Remove And"). Then one can select new location for it.

I think it should be easy to do "internally" - just make it pause downloading/seeding, move the file and start again.

I think it should be useful to many, because now, when one wants to move the file downloaded (for instance to prepare a directory for CD/DVD burn), he needs to stop or remove it from utorrent. That way the seeding of the file is stopped. If one is able to move it properly, maybe the number of seeders will increase?

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I Agree. The way it is implemented now is pointless, really. It should be something like this:

Say you have downloaded Ubuntu.5.0.DVD-CF.

Current folder: H:\Uploads\McoreD\Ubuntu.5.0.DVD-CF

Right click torrent file > Relocate

Browse for Destination Folder e.g. G:\Downloads\Ubuntu

Press OK.

Now the file should be in G:\Downloads\Ubuntu\Ubuntu.5.0.DVD-CF

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It's not pointless, but it's not as useful as it could be. (I have to admit: I expected it to move the file, not just change the download location. Especially since it continued to list the file as fully downloaded. I "relocated" a single file torrent, and thought it had moved it, and didn't realize that it hadn't until after I had tried to relocate a multi-file torrent, saw that it failed, and came here and found this post.)

The functionality that's there is not totally bad, however. It does make it a heck of a lot easier for me to rename files locally so that they sort together nicely. The main thing missing on that side of things is that I wish the name for batch torrents changed like it does for individual file torrents. (This is a recurring hassle for me--the one thing I miss from using Azureus is that I can't re-order the files in any order I want. I can change the download order, but that doesn't help so much when you have 100+ items queued up to re-seed, and most of them have irritating prefixes that muck up sorting by name.)

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