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uTorrent version Ubuntu linux ?


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I don't know for Gnome, but it can definetely be made automatic in KDE... I'm using it this way. It's just your browser's preferences, it's not a problem with linux, wine or uT.

Just tell the browser (I asume FF) to open open .torrent files with "wine <path_to_utorrent.exe>". This 100% works in Opera, should work in FF, too.

If it is not working, you can always use the "autoload" function in uTorrent. Just tell the browser to save .torrent files in a speciffic dir and tell uT to automaticaly load and delete .torrents from that dir. This is absolutely platform independant and will work 100%.

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For what it's worth:

Before finding this forum, and being the Wine newbie that I am, I simply navigated to the windows (Vista x32) partition of my dual-boot ThinkPad, double-clicked the "uTorrent-1.6.1-install.exe" file (out of idly wondering whether Wine would even be associated with the file type), and lo and behold, the uTorrent installer dialog box came up.

I followed it through (I hurriedly used Nautilus to create a folder in my /home/[my username] folder called "winapps"), chose that folder as the "install" folder, and at the end, when it prompted me to launch uTorrent now, I click ok, and it launched.

So I figured - okay, it at least runs, and looks okay, but what about a torrent file. I navigated (again, in Nautilus) to an already saved .torrent file I had on my windows partitian, and (I was sure this wouldn't work) just dragged it onto the utorrent app, as I would in windows. And... it worked! Just blew my mind how seamlessly all this went - no terminal window, no editing any .conf files, nothing. Point and click.

I'm using a relatively clean install of Unbuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron", and (clearly) utorrent 1.6.1. It asked me to upgrade to a newer version when it launched, but I didn't want to press my luck...

Now my only question is, even though my router is forwarding ports to my notebook, I think my linux firewall is probably blocking utorrent (it fails the network forwarding test), but I think I can probably figure that out.

Kudos to the code in utorrent, wine and ubuntu for letting me run my favorite windows app. So far no glitches, the try icon looks correct, and it works.

Oh - and RYUTAZA - you're Thai? I'm in Bangkok (although I'm farang, I work in the central world office tower). Interesting!!!

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yeah, thats right. the beta runs (nearly) perfectly with wine, there are some very minor glitches (actually only one i found so far). im using this setup (ubuntu+wine+utorrent) for about 8 months now, it's just great. and simple, do a sudo apt-get install wine, then download the utorrent file and doubleclick. wine will do the rest, there is no need to create a "winapps" dir or something, as wine will create a "win drive c:" structure in /home/USER/.wine when you first start it. after installation there will be a wine menu in your gnome main menu where you can find you utorrent link.

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