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navigating file list by keypad and filtering


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feature request nr 1:

i often download torrents with multiple files in, often are up to hundreds of files in the torrent, but i only want a few of the files.

let's say that my torrent has these files:











cXXX, dXXX, ..... mXXX, ..... zXXX

and so on, and lets say that i only want to download the files that starts with m. it would be nice that when i press m while viewing the files-list, the marker/selection will jump down to the files that starts with m, and then i could easily select high priority for those and skip for the others..

as of today, no matter which button i press and no matter what the filenames inside the torrent are, the marker/selection jumps to the file at the top..

feature request nr 2:

i kinda dislike the "search here" field, and think it will be way better to use that spot as a filter. for example, if i write "linux" there, it will only show my torrents that has "linux" in their names..

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i did a little searching before posting, but didn't find anything similar, but maybe they called it something different..

and the feature number 1 i'm requesting is not happening in my brand spanking new utorrent

i have this torrent which includes filenames that start with:

















if i select the 05-file and press the 1-button on my keyboard, the selection does not jump down to the file that starts with 1, in this case: 10

instead it jumps to the top, to the file that begins with 0. and i'm actually pressing the 1-button and not the 0-button..

so yeah, i think it's not implemented.. i think the same will happen to you if you try it on one of your multi-file torrents.. ;)

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--- 2006-03-08: Version 1.5 (build 437)

- Feature: Keys can be used in main listview to move to the right item

Not sure what version you're using, but this feature has been implemented since 1.5, and it's definitely working fine here.

It seems I suffer from bouts of dyslexia every now and then...

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yeah its a bit buggy. Lets say i've pressed "C" to jump to a name beginning with C, then I try and press "B" to jump to something beginning with B, and i can't 95% of the time. My speakers just go "BEEP". So its either buggy 5% of the time, or buggy 95% of the time. I would prefer the latter, as I dont want to have to keep clicking somewhere else with the mouse just so i can start jumping to files with another letter.

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@ICleolion: You're not waiting long enough then. If you want to change letters, press Up or Down, or just wait a second or two. Works fine for me.

I think this should probably also be done for the Add New Torrent dialog's file list...

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