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IP blocking?


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Hi guys, I'm pretty new to all these stuff so pardon me if it's been asked before. Is it possible to block a certain range of IPs? I'm asking because my ISP has been giving out personal information of anime downloaders to another company. It would take forever to explain the whole story so I'm just cutting straight to the point.

1. Is it possible to block a certain set of IPs?

2. If yes, will it prevent anyone from my banned range from "seeing" me on the peers list if I block them?

Thanks in advance.

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"What is ipfilter.dat?

This is a simple text file that specifies IP ranges to block. The format is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

You can also use single IPs on a line (i.e. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx). It ONLY supports blocks: it will ignore all text specified afterwards (such as what BLM and Tiny BLM does).

Do not pad IPs with 0s to ensure that it will work (i.e., write not, though it is reported to work anyway.

Each new IP or IP range must be placed on a new line.

Place it in %AppData%\uTorrent, and set ipfilter.enable to true in the Advanced.

To reload ipfilter.dat without restarting µTorrent (1.7+ only), view the Peers tab, right click, and select "Reload IPFilter.""

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The way they work is, the company itself filter out local IPs from the peers in torrent, or whatever gay method their using, all torrent related.

Then they get the personal information of the person who's using the particular IP of that time from the ISP and threaten a lawsuit. Of course, the ISP shouldn't be disclosing personal information but my country is messed up so...

What I wanna do is be invisible to them, so they wouldn't be able to get my IP, let alone my personal information from the ISP.

ISP is passive, they won't track and bother unless said company provides them with a IP in the first place, since said company is the one making money from all this and not the ISP.

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Synbiosorz, I still don't quite understand what's going on, but you can always filter out undesired IPs and IP(s) of the tracker(s) - going DHT/PEX mode only. There is quite real possibility that their bots get IPs from the trackers, so while you won't be connected to it - they won't see you.

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