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utorrent deleted wrong files


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when I selected option delete .torrent + data uTorrent deleted files it never downloaded

Step to reproduce:

-there are files A,B,C,D,E in the .torrent

-mark files C,D,E as don't download priority

-finish downloading files A,B

-copy any files to directory and name them C,D,E

-select option "delete .torrent + data"

Result: all files A,B,C,D,E will be deleted

uTorrent should delete only files that it has finished downloading and also check file size and checksum.


In may case I was able to undelete those files.

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It wouldn't. And just because you skipped it doesn't matter, µTorrent may have created the file at some point for various reasons. Pre-allocate, not using partfile, for example.

Implementing a check is more trouble than it's worth, cause you wouldn't end up with a situation like this unless you did it on purpose...

I honestly wouldn't call this a bug.

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doesnt torrent+data

just read the torrent, and then delete relevant folders/files inside the torrent, for it to delete on the ones that are downloading it would have to alter teh torrent everytime a file was downloaded

if you want to delete only certain files then, download the ones you want, move them to some other folder (not inside the root folder of said torrent) and then use torrent+data

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