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i've fix my slow speeds :S


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i read on a topic on here that using these settings are good for your connection to uT>


ive been on my 128k setting for abit, and noticed that my download speed was stuck at 20-40 ( obvious a connections problem i thought)

soo previously i had

glob = 128

per = 77

soo i put them up to 400- 150 and its all fine now.. good speeds on a awsome client. ty

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mainline doesn't use more than 55 connections and speeds are just fine with it...


yes but utorrent is fuct up and everything is diffrent ' date=' from what i have tested soo far[/quote']

It may be fucked up for you, as the rest of us get full speed on most torrents. So tell me, how can µTorrent be "fucked up" when it works just fine for everyone else? This just looks like user-error to me... :|

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