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Options -> Preferences Menu no displaying text


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I have a problem where I the text in the options-> Preferences Menu is not displaying text.

The Image below should give you a better understanding.

"Image Removed"

I have downloaded it again and copied it across the original, but the problem is still occurring. The program is functioning correctly and it is great besides this one point.

I checked the FAQ and did a forum search but I was unable to find anybody who has seen this problem.

Any advise would help. Thanks

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I too have had this problem very often, however the problem has noting to do with the UPnP.

When the PC is cleanly booted up and "uTorrent" is the first application running, all is fine and well. However, as the PC is used and memory allocation gets fragmented and "uTorrent" is later started, the problem comes up.

After some investigation, I have discovered the bug is not in "uTorrent" itself, but in the code that is used to pack/unpack the EXE.

It seems that the "disappearing" text is of course part of the program's "resources" (developers will know what I mean) and if the unpacker is unable to unpack the entire contents on to one continues block of memory, only the main part and some smaller "resources" are in fact unpacked, but some, (probably larger) string tables for the text are not unpacked (or placed somewhere else), and "uTorrent" is unable to access it.

Sometimes, however, when one alters one of the options or fields, the resource tables are again re-accessed, and sometimes the unpacker is able to place the resource in a continues area and "uTorrent" is again able to access it, resolving the problem temporary. This may explain the phenomenon of the problem being resolved when the UPnP option is toggled.

The problem should be resolved with an unpacked version, or by using another packer. It might also be resolved by playing around with some of the parameters of the packer. Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the packer used, so can offer no suggestions on that. Maybe someone, who has used it extensively, can shed some light on it.

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