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Update in: 43188:14


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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if it's normal for uTorrent to set the "Update in:" to 43188:14

Is this what happens when you try to connect to a tracker that has banned uTorrent?

Well, that was what happened to me :)


There was also this one time where uTorrent's GUI was filled with blue plus signs everywhere, but I forgot to take a screenshot. Doh!

- Forsaken

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I don't know how it's supposed to look when the "client banned" message is returned, but there is no reason for announcing when that message appears.

When a client is banned, it return a message like this "Our tracker banned this client. Please choose another one". This is the message that I had received, some months ago, when a lot of trackers banned BC because of that bugs. The tracker haven't the ability of define when you client will resend the data. Who do this is the client. Then, this just be a bug of utorrent, not a tracker error.

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uTorrent got banned from this tracker because they suspected it for making "ghost peers".

I don't think it does, but oh well...

I wasn't playing with the time heheh :)

uTorrent was like trying to update the tracker after each 2 minutes (which was normal),

but after awhile it went to 43188:14

Anyway, it was fun to see your reactions :D

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