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is there a way to have a different upload speed for completed downloads than what active downloads are set? or to have utorrent automatically stop/remove completed downloads from seeding when they are finished

is there something in the Advanced Settings(warning dont modify)section that would let me set this up?

i like to leave my client on over night while sleeping and i since i have optimum online cable internet i have plenty of bandwith so i leave utorrent set to unlimited bandwidth up an down, but even with cable, having a torrent finish early in the night and then be seeding at like 500+kbps for 8 hours isnt helping the other active torrents get done as fast as they could. if i was awake i would cap that torrent manually but i cant if in asleep

and setting a overall cap for uploading doesnt really help me either cause it slows down all my torrents and my peers.

so is there somethign i can do that stops or slows down completed downloads automatically?

also, right now i have my files download to 1 location, would the option of "move completed downloads to" stop the seeding process or does utorrent still seed no matter where it saves to?

thanks in advance.

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