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I think the question is, what file extension(s) did he set to open with utorrent, that shouldn't open with utorrent..unless my engrish is off.

if it's not browser-related:

open a window. go to tools>folder options, and click on the file types tab. look for any file extensions that open with utorrent. the only one you should have is .torrent. if you find others, change them back to their original apps.

I have no idea how to do this in vista yet. I just tried the xp way and it took me 3 minutes to figure out how to show the damn menu bar..and file types isn't where it normally is. tricky windows....:P

if it's mozilla, it always asks. so um...

if it's ie..see "if it's not browser-related". ie = windows explorer. more or less.

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