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Correct Settings for 10Mbit/s Down and 1 Mbit/s Up Internet?


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Hi and thanks for this excellent client.

I am trying to optimize uTorrent client to be able to use max of my internet connection.

Since I cant find a tutorial I need some help, this because usually my Downloadrate is lower/equal my Upload which is almost always on max( 900 kbps).

You should expect Downloadspeed grater then 1000 kbps with my Internetconnection?????

This is my settings (Network OK) and uTorrent 1.1.3


Port used 6969

Global max upload: 100

Gloabal min down: 1000


Number uploadslots: 1

Max nr connected peers: 30

Max nr active torrents: 8

Max nr active downloads: 8

Global max nr connect: 200

Rest is set as it the defaultsettings of 1.1.3 . Usually I download 8 torrents at a time

Any suggestions?

What about a "Calculator" that can update the Settings automatically depending on your Internet down/up speed and amount of torrents used?


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The download speed is totally dependant on the other peers in the torrent. If there are no other good uploaders, it won't matter what kind of connection you have, you'll still get bad speeds. You might want to put at least 6 upload slots too, not just 1. The default settings are pretty good on their own too...

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Number uploadslots: 1

Me too believes that part of your problems lies here

A lot of clients wouldn't give you much upload if you don't send stuff back in return

Sey your u/l slots to 8 or 10. That should show a performance gain (unless you're really at a torrent with low speed uploads only...been there..done that ;)


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Upload which is almost always on max( 900 kbps).

That is a major cause of your problem. Set the max U/L to 70-80%...this allows some 'headroom' for TCP acks to get back to the peers quickly..otherwise(as you have found) the D/L drops to approx the same rate as your max U/L

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im a newb shit i dont even know how to use this forum but if someone sees this can you help. i try to open ports and my utorrent connection turns green then yellow so on and so forth. i check it says port not opened. i need someone smart. my download speed for the fastest torrent would be 100kbs max with a 10 meg int connection. been reading some but still trouble. thanks

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