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Is Utorrent designed to use all available bandwidth?


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There must be some way of throttling Utorrent to stop it using all my band width - There are some settings claim to throttle download/upload speed of torrents - but irrespective of the performance of individual torrents, utorrent itsself seems to suck up any available bandwidth

I've been using it a while and now have a brand new machine - but it's just the same

Without Utorrent running i get browsing speeds of :

4th 128K took 983 ms = 133339 Bytes/sec = approx 1109 kbits/sec

With Utorrent downloading a whacking 35kbps I getting left with browsing speeds of:

4th 128K took 22979 ms = 5704 Bytes/sec = approx 47 kbits/sec

As you see - this is totally unusable - Only way i can use utorrent is overnight

Is this the way everyone else uses it/it's designed to use all bandwidth?

P.S. I can't even post this message without closing Utorrent down

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I set the speed guide to half my connection speed (1 mbits) - leaving me half to surf with (another 1 mbits)

None of the settings make any diff - Upload max doesn't matter - like i said it's only uploading/downloading 35 kbits (56k modem would handle) - in fact i've never had 500 kbits up/down and across, so 1000 kbits is more than it will ever need

despite alllllllllll that - Utorrent uses my whoooooooooooole 2 megabit connection

I'll just accept it's design problem & until Vista includes a bandwidth throttle i'll put it on a scheduler to download overnight

Cheers anyhoo

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