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Download Halts.


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Hey all. Just a question (and scenario) regarding downloading.

I was downloading a torrent (started last evening about 9:00 pm MST). It was downloading fine, then for some reason it said ETA was infinite, and there was no dl/ul activity.

I waited about an hour, then I paused it and checked a few things (anti-virus, network etc). I forgot about it, had a bite to eat and came back. I realized it was paused, so I resumed (started). All appeared to be well.

Went to bed, checked status in the am, same thing - ETA = infinate etc.

I paused, waited an hour, started again and voila - all was well. Then about 2 hours later, same thing, ETA = infiniate. I did the same thing, paused for about an hour, then started.

This all started whent the dl was around 96.5%. I have prioritize 1st and last on etc, all other settings are defaults.

I finally got the DL, but my question is why did I have to keep doing this?

I also, checked with a buddy that was downloading the same one with no problem.

Not a biggy, just real curious. Using 1.7.7.


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Not sure what you are asking me?

When I say the download stops, what I mean is there is no DL/UP activity. When I say I PAUSED the torrent, I right click and select PAUSE.

Then I eventually right click and select START. This is what I mean by Pause/Start.

With the download, it seems to be running, but there is no activity, so I guess I mean that the DL is STOPPED in terms of data transfer.

I hope this helps to clarify.

My bad also, I posted with a heading of "Download Halts", I should perhaps have said "Appears to Stop DL/UL".

Sorry 'bout that.


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DreadWingKnight , what's goin on dude? I never said it HALTed (my post subject line was incorrect) - BUT my POST SAYS PAUSE.

So with that said, my question remains:

WHY does DL/UL show infinite and after I PAUSE and start it runs for a while then DL/UL says infinite and there is no activity again. Then PAUSING and starting again resumes it.

Sorry, it's a pretty simple question, let's not mess with symantecs please.

I just would like to have an answer to this question if one is possible.

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DreadWingKnight again I'm sorry, I don't think I'm explaining correctly.

When I was downloading a torrent, it was running fine. Then after some period of time, it just sat there showing no activity Upload or Download and the ETA was infinite. The amount downloaded was exactly 96.7%.

I waited for awhile and nothing was happened. I then paused the DL and started it again later (I've done this many times in the past). Then I was getting DL/UL activity. Then again after some period of time - there was no activity DL/UL for quite awhile. The download just wasn't doing anything - I waited like an hour or so, nada until I took some course of action.

So I guess my question (to be more precise I suppose) is why after some period of time does it just stop down/uploading until I take some form of action. Whether pause/start or stop/start - I just tried it with the same torrent again and it didn't matter which step I took. The activity just stopped and showed infinite?

I do understand the difference between stopping and pausing, but that's not the issue here. It just stops Uploading and Downloading until I cause a pause/start (or even a Stop and Start - I just did that too).


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Firon, no firewall (software wise, been using my cisco for over two years with no problems). The uTorrent Green Check Mark says "Network OK, your network is working as it should".

Never had this problem before, and haven't since. Been using uTorrent for over a year and was just curious.

Jewelisheaven, it's now too late for me to answer this question. As I said in my original post (paraphrasing here) "DL is all done..." , which means it's all done. So how would I now recover those stats?

Anyway, I'm going to let this go, it was a simple question that was outlined (I think) quite clearly. I managed to get an answer from another forum that satisfied my query and curiosity quite handily and clearly


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