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How to disable IPv6?


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I use Wine and Ubuntu 8.04 amd64.

Now the problem is that as far as I can see uTorrent 1.8 tries to use IPv6 even when it is not existing on whole system (blacklisted module), yet propably wine reports it is available, and no data moves around then, also trackers-tab says "hostname not found" for every tracker. My ISP doesn't have IPv6 so it doesn't work even when computer itself has it enabled, same results...

I looked whole settings area around but didn't see anything where I could have disabled IPv6 in uTorrent.

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I can ofcourse see the point that wine has an bug, but shouldn't peoples still have an way to disable an feature one might not want to use even if working? :)

EDIT: I added an Wine bug report too if interested: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12885

EDIT2: It seems that for any reason uTorrent can't use trackers using DNS-names, but trackers with direct IP(v4) numbers does work... So this also makes me suspect for some reason wine "forcefully" says IPv6 is there and all go even when it is not...

So it is most propbaly wine bug, but still I'd like to see IPv6 disabling option somewhere in uTorrent, maybe in advanced? For the completeness of user control :)

EDIT (7th may): It seems newest wine (.61) this is fixed already... Yet the controlling of IPv6 would still be good thing ;)

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